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Clustering Your Way Towards Greater Impact

Poverty Amidst Plenty - Data Rich, Information Poor

When Detours are Necessary - Clarifying the Problem before Solutioning

Beyond Guesswork: Predicting Donor Behavior with Data Analysis

Data Quality Matters

Why do we do this?

Understanding How Our Donors Feel - Decoding Nuanced Sentiments in Complex Donor Feedback

Understanding How Our Donors Really Feel

AI on Both Sides of the Grants Equation

Unlocking Hidden Potential in Your Non-Profit's Tech Stack

Ditch the Data Storage Lockers!

How Semantics Shape Non-Profit Perceptions

Streamlining Non-Profit KPI Reporting: A Transformation Success Story

Finding Your Roots - Tracking the History of Non-Profit Data

Et tu, ChatGPT?

Taking BI One Step at a Time - Finding Your Data Footing!

Impact Matters: Why Non-Profits Must Demonstrate their Effectiveness

Finding Joy in the Cracks: How Small Moments of Happiness can Fuel your Resilience

Power BI: Mastering the Art of Logical Thinking Prior to Mastering DAX

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