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AGAYA Consulting Inc.

Your Business Intelligence Partner: Empowering Mission-Oriented Organizations with Customized Insights for Greater Impact

    Indu Sambandam


Greater Impact Through Data

What if you could clearly and powerfully tell the world exactly how your organization is changing lives? Data makes it possible.

Leveraging over 18 years of financial analysis and strategic business experience combined with 5 years in data analytics consulting, Agaya Consulting empowers mission-oriented organizations with insights to advance their mission. I am dedicated to empowering my clients with analytical insights to amplify their impact and community reach.

I partner closely with clients to deliver:

  • Customized Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions: Create tailored BI reporting frameworks leveraging intuitive, low/no-cost technologies like Power BI, Google Sheets.
  • Data Infrastructure: From collection to validation to storage, I develop & build integrated data management systems/self-service reporting frameworks tailored to unique needs and budget constraints.
  • Advanced Visualizations and Interactive Dashboards: Develop effective data visualizations and communication strategies to showcase your impact so stakeholders can visualize your full contribution.
  • Self-Service Analytics Enablement: More than just reports, I equip your team with user-friendly tools and skills for self-sufficiency through comprehensive training and mentoring.
  • Let us fulfill missions by moving mission-oriented organizations towards insights-driven decision making. Arrange a free consultation here to explore where analytics can strengthen your impact.

    Because being in the Business for Good Demands More Than Just Good Intentions!

    Client Testimonials

    ...some individuals stand out for their great qualities and Indumeena is one of those people. Our team members recognize her work ethic, diligence, and teamwork. She is well-respected in our department for her thorough infographic creation, as well as for producing a quarterly reporting framework. The quarterly framework has provided us with a simple and innovative approach to submit quarterly impact data, and effectively communicate the results within our team and most importantly, with our external audiences... Throughout her time working with us, Indumeena has proven herself to be reliable and collaborative, while bringing added value and strategic thinking to the table...

    Indu was amazing and helpful! She gave wonderful insight and was a pleasure to work with!

    Automating Survey Analysis

    Is your staff spending hours in repetitive processes manually categorizing qualitative survey results into Positive, Negative or Neutral piles? Free up staff time by automating this process so that more time can be invested in analyzing & crafting compelling impact stories for stakeholder buy-in. Data Source - AI

    Marketing Campaign

    This post-Campaigns one pager analysis highlights a potential mismatch between the products on offer and customer profile. It brings out the struggle to hold onto a customer profile dominated by well-educated older customers with deep pockets, a myriad of available alternative products and a continuing preference for in-store experience. Data Source- Kaggle.

    of 5G Introduction

    A one pager providing a bird's eye response to a request from Atliqo's senior management interested in the impact of 5G introduction on the company's KPIs. Insights for plan optimization to increase subscribers were also sought. Data Source- CodeBasics Challenge 3

    Google Search
    URL Extractor and Consolidator

    This Python code mimics the Google search engine by accepting user inputs regarding search terms, no of urls to be included in the search output as well as a filename. The output saved in the current directory comprises: a textfile consisting of all the pdf urls from the search result, another textfile listing the html urls and a consolidated csv file with all the urls from the search. This separation helps with any content extraction exercise further on.


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